Designing Your New Normal Mindset

Presented by Vicki Peel


People Who Understand the Concept that Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Life

and There Has Never Been a More Crucial Time to Do That

“Will You Be In a Position To Thrive When the World Enters The New Normal?”

The Unseen Dangers of Failing to Adapt Your Mindset After COVID-19 Could Keep You From Taking Control of Your Life

Everything has changed. Those who adapt their mindsets to face inevitable changes in their lifestyle will be most equipped to deal with the “new normal”, and I can guide you through the mindset change process.

I’m Vicki Peel and I taught home economics for almost 20 years. I taught courses in consumer economics, child development, parenting, foods and nutrition and simple life skills. During that time, I realized that the concepts I taught my students would be of little use to them if I did not also teach them new ways of looking at how what they learned fit into their lives. Guiding students to develop new perspectives about the course content and how it would benefit them right now and as well as in the future was a critical piece of the teaching puzzle.
Then, as an administrator in education, I helped teachers teach their content with real world skills. My focus was for students to understand how all learning works together within systems. I believe students have to take responsibility for their own learning and to keep on learning throughout life. I believe the same is true for adults.

Introducing “Designing Your New Normal Mindset”:

A 4-Module Course That Guides You Through A Process From Recognizing Your Current Mindset To Defining and Designing A New Mindset That Serves Your New Normal

Included in the course are:

MODULE 1: Introduction to Mindsets

  • The Designing Your New Normal Mindset Report, which covers information about all 4 modules, describes why a new normal mindset is essential and how you can design yours
  • The Designing Your New Normal Mindset Workbook, includes activities that accompany the Report and all 4 modules, including a Basic Mindset Test to identify your baseline mindset
  • Definition of a mindset and the kind of mindset you need to survive in a post-COVID-19 world
  • Personal Reflections of Lifestyle worksheet will help you describe how COVID-19 has affected your life

MODULE 2: Basic and Actionable Mindsets

  • In this module, you will define your current mindset, which is comprised of your Basic Mindset and your Actionable Mindsets
  • A basic Mindset Test will identify a baseline for further mindset evaluation
  • An Actionable Mindsets checklist helps identify your current mindsets that supplement and support your Basic Mindset through your beliefs and behaviors

MODULE 3: Current Mindset Evaluation

  • A Current Mindset Map will help you visualize what you have learned about your mindset
  • You will then evaluate the impact of each component of your Current Mindset Map on your personal life

MODULE 4: Designing Your New Normal Mindset

  • Personal reflection about your current mindset will guide you in deciding which mindset components will continue to serve you well in the future and which components you need to change
  • Using what you have learned and defined, you will design your New Normal Mindset Map to reflect a mindset that will help you to thrive in an ever-changing world
  • A Situational Flow Chart will help you to test your new mindset behaviors to see how you will respond in specific situations and if you will need to cultivate new habits and/or break old habits

Later on, I’m going to tell you how I shifted my mindset to adjust to my new normal with a personal experience, but now I’m going to tell you why I created this course.

Why I Created This Course

The more I experienced lockdown during the initial COVID-19 crisis, the more I realized my world had changed beyond anything I had ever experienced before. In the beginning, I found myself endlessly playing on my iPad, doing Sudoku or Kakuro puzzles or binging on Netflix episodes and snacking all along the way. I soon realized that I was surrendering control of how I was living my life to current circumstances.

Although none of us have complete control over life, we do have choices that can directly affect the quality of our lives. And that is what I want. But I realized I could not achieve that by sitting around and waiting for things to change. I have to be the change that I want for myself in my life. And that is not a “one and done” proposition. It requires much thinking, reflection and action. It requires a new mindset, one that embraces change and challenges. This is a process that must be worked through and most likely repeated in order to strengthen the results.

I know what it takes. I know a process for getting there. I can guide you through the process.

Designing Your New Normal Mindset Is A Natural Response To Learning How To Adapt
And Thrive In Circumstances We Have Never Seen In Our Lifetimes

The current situation of our world has created a “perfect storm” that necessitates that we learn new ways of coping with change and more importantly, thriving under those conditions. We have heard the term “new normal” as a way to understand that our world and our lives have changed. We have a real opportunity to meet the challenges of the future. But we have to be prepared to do that. And it starts with our mindset. If we simply respond to events taking place around us, that takes away our personal power of deciding on the direction of our lives. That’s why I am uniquely positioned to guide you through the process of designing your new normal mindset, so you can meet the future head on with resiliency and adaptability and decisions that define the course of your life.

To begin, I want to guide you through the process of defining and designing a mindset that prepares you to meet and greet the new normal – your new normal.

The Secret of Successful Transition Into The New Normal

Defining and Designing Your New Normal Mindset is an empowering process that ensures your successful transition into your own new normal. The features and benefits of this course will help you achieve that successful transition.

How Designing Your New Normal Will Allow for a Significant Shift in Your Daily Life

  • A Mindset Test Defines Your Basic Mindset, Which Serves As a Starting Point For The Entire Process
  • 4 Simple Step-By-Step Modules Help You Get Started Immediately
  • An Actionable Mindset Checklist Allows You To Evaluate Your Current Level of Thinking
  • Personal Mindset Evaluation Guides Your Personal Reflection of Your Current Mindset and How It Impacts Your Lifestyle
  • A Current Mindset Map Creates a Visual Graphic from Your Mindset Evaluation
  • Creating a New Normal Mindset Map Strengthens Your Response To Personal Challenges

The Unseen Dangers of Failing to Adapt Your Mindset After COVID-19

So what if you wait and see what happens. I understand the fear and anxiety that unwelcomed change can evoke. It’s a common response to resist taking a step into the unknown. “What if I fail” is something you are likely to ask yourself. What if I do the wrong thing? The natural human response is to come up with any number of “What If” excuses for not taking action. But the “What If” you need to be asking yourself is “What If I don’t adapt to whatever this ‘New Normal’ is?” What will my life be like then?

Earlier I promised to share a personal experience regarding my mindset shift to adjust to the new normal. In June 2019, my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. We rented a car and saw some amazing sights in an unforgettable vacation. In June 2020, the only unnecessary trip I took was a shopping trip to Target outfitted in my homemade mask. And I was very uncomfortable doing that.

But you know what? This period of quarantine has given me an opportunity to evaluate what I really want out of life and what my options are in pursuing that. I have a newfound sense of peace knowing that I have choices and those choices are full of opportunities.

As a former home economics teacher, I used to advise the student organization FHA-HERO (which now is known by another name). Each year the organization had a new theme. One I embraced at the time and encouraged all my students to embrace and live by was “Opportunities Unlimited”. Life is full of opportunities, no matter what the circumstances going on around you. But it may take a well-designed mindset shift to recognize that, embrace it and capitalize upon it.

If I told you it was easy, I’d be lying to you. It’s simple, but not easy. You have to make a choice and a commitment. But if you let life’s circumstances lead you around by the nose, you need to be ready to accept what life dishes out to you. Ultimately, it’s your choice.


Vicki Peel is an expert, plain and simple. She is the one person I know I can turn to when life gets out of whack. During this unprecedented time, I need Vicki’s perspective and guidance more than ever.

Connie Ragen Green

I’ve known and worked with Vicki for many years. She has a gift for designing and communicating complex concepts in understandable and actionable ways.

Mary Jo Nason

Section Chief for CTE Curriculum, Retired, North Carolina Department of Public Destruction

I have known and worked with Vicki Peel while both of us were teachers and consultants. She has been there for me through good times and through bad times, through laughter and through tears. I cherish her friendship and words of wisdom. She is a vessel full of down-to-earth advice based on personal experience and life-long learning.

Cheryl J. Rice

Retired Educator

My Guarantee

I’m so sure Designing Your New Normal Mindset will be helpful to you, that I’m offering a 30-day no-questions-asked refund. If you don’t get maximum value from this product, I’ll cheerfully refund your purchase price.


  1. A new report on COVID-19: 10 Things to Make Your Life Better
  2. A 7-minute guided meditation entitled Calm the Raging River
Just to Recap, You’ll Receive
  • A 4-module course, Designing Your New Normal Mindset
  • The report Designing Your New Normal Mindset
  • A Designing Your New Normal Mindset Workbook
  • An introductory Personal Lifestyle Reflections Worksheet
  • The Basic Mindset Test
  • An Actionable Mindset Checklist
  • A Current Mindset Map
  • Personal Reflection Guide
  • A New Normal Mindset Map
  • A Situational Mindset Flow Chart

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I’ve included a downloadable copy of The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Neibuhr, suitable for framing.

P.S. Remember, if for any reason you are not satisfied with Designing Your New Normal Mindset, contact me for a full refund.

Join Me on My Personal Journey to Designing Your New Normal Mindset. It’s a crucial time for thinking about our thinking and developing a mindset to serve us well now and in the future.

To The Peace and Joy of Your Intentional Life,

Vicki Peel
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